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  1. I want to get into batman or green lantern but have no idea where to start? anything new thats coming out that I can jump right into or maybe a couple issues behind?

    1. You might check out the Batman: Zero Year story. It started in July and is set to be a one year crossover series. However, since DC rebooted their universe in 2012 with "The New 52" almost any series you pick up will be relatively fresh.

  2. Awesome, thanks dude! I picked up on batman, superior spiderman and amazing xmen!

    1. Sounds good! It'll be interesting to see what they do with the Superior Spiderman in the coming months

  3. Do you have the Jonah Hex comics?

  4. Do u happen to sell children's books? I am looking for a series written by Troy Cummings called "The notebook of Doom", my children are crazy about them!!

  5. i found your store thru the free comic book day store finder and i heard that some stores will carry the heroclix avengers quick starter set?

  6. my bad i hit the wrong key. to add the last bit will you be carrying the set?

  7. I am thinking about liquidating some of my unbuilt Bandai Gundam you buy merchandise?

  8. Recently shopped at Midgard Comics, I was impressed with the selection and plan to make a return trip soon.

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